Hot Springs in Bandung

Bathing in one of the hot springs in Bandung is one of the most recommended natural recreational activities. You can bath in the hot water from the mountains while enjoying the coolness of Bandung air. When you visit one of the hot springs, don’t miss the opportunity to try out delicious natural food or traditional drinks. There are several interesting hot springs in Bandung:


Ciater  1. Ciater hot spring

Ciater hot spring, about 1 hour from Bandung. On your way to Ciater hot spring, you can find Tangkuban Parahu Mountain, another interesting attraction that you should visit.






2. MaribayaPemandian Air Panas Maribaya

Hot water bathing Maribaya; it is located in the northern part of Bandung. You can find another attraction nearby, that is: Cave of the Japanese.




Pemandian Air Panas Ciwalini   3. Ciwalini hot spring

Ciwalini hot spring; located in the southern part of Bandung, not far from Kawah Putih. Beautiful tea gardens stretch along the way towards the hot spring.





4. Cimanggu hot springKolam Air Panas Cimanggu

Cimanggu hot spring; only 500 meters from Ciwalini hot spring. It consists of some swimming pools full of hot water from the mountain. The area of the hot spring is beautiful, and a perfect spot to relax and get warm at the same time.



Pemandian Air Panas Cibolang  5. Cibolang hot spring

Cibolang hot spring; natural atmosphere is very thick here because it is located in the forest bordering the tea gardens in the area Ciwidey. You can bath yourself in hot water while enjoying beautiful scenery and eating natural healthy foods.






Well, if you are on vacation in Bandung, come to a place above the hot water bathcan be one of your agenda.