Pasar Baru located in downtown of Bandung, Not Far from Jl. Asia Afrika Bandung. Access to this location is very easy and very well known by residents of Bandung. Types of stuffs traded on the Pasar Baru Bandung is Variety. starting from apparel, batik, Cloths, Bed Cover, Muslim dress, veil, Kebaya, Muslim uniform, Hand Bag, shoes, Bandung merchadise and other equipments .

In Pasar Baru Bandung. clothing or fabrics offered were varied, ranging from quality medium to good quality. If you are lucky then you can get cheap prices with pretty good quality stuff.

There are a few tips if you want to shop in Pasar Baru :
– Ensure the quality of stuffs purchased, so you’ll not to be disappointed later.
– If the stuffs do not use price labels, means the stuffs are negotiable.
– Put your bag or wallet in front of the body, to avoid things that are not desirable, because the Pasar Baru is very crowded.